Who we are

We are known in the region as certified implementers & absolute experts in several of the most popular and well respected open source platforms such as  SuiteCRM, Rocket.Chat, JBoss Middleware, Jaspersoft, SpotFire, & Kibana.  Let’s take the journey together towards IT empowerment, done right the first time.

SourceForte is about friends who got together to ride the open source wave.  After years of spinning their wheels in implementing projects in and outside of Malaysia; and dealing with irrational mandated targets, the friends decided to do something bold — starting their own outfit.

MALAYSIA    No doubt to incorporate in Malaysia was the logical choice and the best place to live and operate in as the people are friendly, the economy is rich, and it is less populated.

BROAD SPECTRUM    Today SourceForte employs multi-disciplinary teams with expertise in business requirements, technology development, user interface design and quality assurance.  Our experiences span diverse distinct industries; Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Property, GLCs, Public Sector, FMCG and Telecommunications.

Our clientele span across multiple countries & continents.  We deploy globally.

PROVEN PRODUCTS    With the right product skills sets, we required to focus on the right products.  Hence we have in place top-tier partnerships with proven global solutions.  We are global code & deployment partner with SuiteCRM, Rocket.Chat, TIBCO, Red Hat; to name just a few.